Management Consulting

Business Due Diligence Services

We help our clients find potential targets for mergers, acquisitions, or privatization, and we’ll conduct comprehensive investigations of those targets.

By ensuring that all aspects of the deal are carefully analyzed before any significant commercial decisions are made, we help our clients control any possible risks and reduce their level of uncertainty beforehand.

Our work helps you build up a thorough understanding of those companies, including compatibility, production ability, financial status, management status, environmental concerns, legal status, labor status, tax issues, IT status, market situation, and industrial recognition.

Our experts from various industries will help examine the information collected from your targets and advise practical recommendations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A well-executed merger or acquisition will greatly improve the value of an enterprise. It’s becoming progressively more common, as many enterprises nowadays use mergers and acquisitions as a key method to enlarge themselves and increase their value.

Mergers and acquisitions are also savvy ways to combine competitors, bring together new technologies, and increase the market share of an enterprise.

Our merger and acquisition professionals help clients successfully achieve their strategic objectives with their knowledge of relevant regulations and details and experience performing these types of deals.

We help identify potential buyers and will ensure that the entire merger or acquisition process is safe, smooth, and efficient.

Strategic Alliance and Joint Venture Partner Search

In addition to merger and acquisition services, we’re also proficient in strategic alliance and joint venture partner search services. Our pool of talent is experienced in target identifying, company assessing, and they have excellent analytical skills, so we’ll help you find the best potential partners.

Our experts have different industry backgrounds and they have personal relationships with and access to management from big companies in relevant industries. That’s why we’re confident that we’ll find the most suitable partners for your company.

We developed our own customer resource management system and other information technology-based tools, which improve our capabilities in strategic alliances and joint venture partner searches, especially in the information and communications technology industry.

Intellectual Property Planning and Trading Services

We handle basically every aspect related to the identification of intellectual property innovations, protecting and securing them, and enforcing their rights.

In addition to developing and protecting existing innovations, we also provide planning and trading services to help clients strategically acquire or secure new ones.

Our patent services team is composed of professionals in specific scientific or engineering fields, and they have the requisite qualifications and experience in legal practice. That’s what makes our team particularly successful in providing patent-related services in the constantly changing world of science and engineering.

We’ll take care of the analysis and drafting of patent specifications, processing of upcoming patent applications set to be filed, and the filing and prosecuting of patent applications.


Advantages of Professional Talent Services

Recruiting, staffing, and hiring are processes that are the life-blood of any company. Growing and expanding, or simply replacing departed workers, are necessary aspects of doing business, but enterprises often must divert resources from their normal functions to handle those tasks.


Understanding Different Uses for Text Mining and Analysis

The newest development in big data analysis is centered on breakthroughs in text mining: basically, computer programs are now able to comb through vast amounts of written content to discover new information.


Introducing Lean Six Sigma Methodology

One of the fundamental goals of enterprises is to increase efficiency and Lean Six Sigma – a methodology that combines different types of analytical processes to target waste and decrease variance in a given business process – helps businesses accomplish those goals.