Business Document Solutions

Business Proposal Planning and Consultation

We provide cost-effective business proposal planning and consultation services, helping you thoroughly explain the specific content of your business ideas in an accessible way to your target audience, either for internal usage or external investment opportunities.

A proper business proposal is a guideline for organizations with specific objectives, reasoning as to why they’re achievable goals, and an elaboration on the necessary strategies to reach those objectives. We’ll also introduce the background of the companies and their team members.

Our professionals are experienced in proposal planning and consultation, and they’ll help create an impressive business proposal to achieve your goals as only the first step of our services with you.

Patent Document Process / Drafting / Translation Solutions

Each member of our patent services team has specific expertise in science or engineering fields, and has excellent qualifications in legal practice and related fields. That’s what makes our team so successful in providing patent-related process solutions in the ever-changing world of science and engineering.

We’ll take care of the analysis and drafting of patent specifications, the processing of upcoming patent applications to be filed, and the prosecution of patent applications by working closely with external licensed patent law professionals.

We help clients from ICT (information and communication technology), manufacturing, and legal service industries, both domestically and worldwide. In those cases, we basically handle every aspect related to identifying patentable innovations, and work with global patent prosecution law firms to deliver integrated and multilingual patent solutions.

We’ve filed and collected patents in specific areas of technology, like employee resource planning computer software, business intelligence methods, computerized systems, and communication applications.

Multilingual Document Translation

We have a diverse pool of professionals from different industries with various backgrounds who can satisfy our clients’ needs in any specific field of their business.

We also have a group of language translation experts, and they’re all experienced in practical translation works such as legal, technical, and commercial translations. We build specific teams consisting of project leaders, industry professionals, and language experts.

We’re capable of working on a single language basis (translating language A into language B), as well as multilingual basis (translating language A into language B and C).


Advantages of Professional Talent Services

Recruiting, staffing, and hiring are processes that are the life-blood of any company. Growing and expanding, or simply replacing departed workers, are necessary aspects of doing business, but enterprises often must divert resources from their normal functions to handle those tasks.


Understanding Different Uses for Text Mining and Analysis

The newest development in big data analysis is centered on breakthroughs in text mining: basically, computer programs are now able to comb through vast amounts of written content to discover new information.


Introducing Lean Six Sigma Methodology

One of the fundamental goals of enterprises is to increase efficiency and Lean Six Sigma – a methodology that combines different types of analytical processes to target waste and decrease variance in a given business process – helps businesses accomplish those goals.