Business Process Services

Business Process Planning and Optimization

This is a part of our Business Process Management, which includes design, modeling, execution, monitoring, optimization, and reengineering.

We retrieve critical, real-time process performance information from modeling or the monitoring phase.

Our service can help identify bottlenecks or potential issues, as well as opportunities for cost saving, by evaluating the differences between deployed business processes against performance objectives.

We simulate new processes by using “what if” scenarios, and by applying enhancements in the design of those processes, we can foresee issues or opportunities and preemptively aid our clients in getting the appropriate value from their business.

Mutilingual Contact Center & Customer Services

Our services include help desk, marketing and activities, and customer services, with native speakers of English, Chinese, or any other major language.

We have well-trained staff to properly transfer, respond to, and document all your clients’ queries, complaints, and feedback into the system. We’re capable of communicating through several different mediums, including by telephone, fax, e-mail, written correspondence, and online live chat.

We’re able to provide both offshore and nearshore outsourced contact centers to support your customer service functions from multiple time zones, giving you a wide timeframe to conduct those operations.

Use our proprietary systems and modern technology to facilitate efficient and stable service, with the highest level of data security.

Finance & Accounting Outsourcing

Our finance and accounting outsourcing services will help you with your top financial priorities, including planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analytics.

With our finance and accounting professionals around the globe, we manage the comprehensive finance and accounting processes for our clients.

We help clients in an extensive cross-section of industries by managing their crucial finance and accounting processes, and our methodologies transform and constantly improve those processes for our clients.

Reduce your overhead costs by using our services, which lead to more flexibility, agility, and efficiency, and allow you to focus more of your energy and resources on your core business.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In addition to executive searches, we also offer recruitment process outsourcing services. We’re capable of managing the entire hiring process from job profiling to onboarding of the new employees.

We’re able to save our clients a lot of time simply by going through the resumes and conducting the first round of interviews, which winnows down the pool of applicants and allows our clients to focus on only the best prospective employees.

We can also manage further interviews with hiring managers from your enterprise or conduct any other steps of the recruiting process. For example, we’re able to handle on-line assessments, writing tests, on-line video interviews, and conference calls. We make the recruiting process cheaper, timelier, and more efficient.

24-hour Zero Gap Business Process Outsourcing

With offices in several different time zones, we can provide our services on a 24-hours-a-day and 7-days-a-week basis for our clients to ensure they won’t miss any communication from potential customers.

Because we work non-stop on your BPO projects with our colleagues from around the world, we ensure that you’ll be able to see the results as soon as possible. Our services will be extremely helpful if you have any urgent and/or labor-intensive projects, as we can help you meet your deadlines and control your costs.


Advantages of Professional Talent Services

Recruiting, staffing, and hiring are processes that are the life-blood of any company. Growing and expanding, or simply replacing departed workers, are necessary aspects of doing business, but enterprises often must divert resources from their normal functions to handle those tasks.


Understanding Different Uses for Text Mining and Analysis

The newest development in big data analysis is centered on breakthroughs in text mining: basically, computer programs are now able to comb through vast amounts of written content to discover new information.


Introducing Lean Six Sigma Methodology

One of the fundamental goals of enterprises is to increase efficiency and Lean Six Sigma – a methodology that combines different types of analytical processes to target waste and decrease variance in a given business process – helps businesses accomplish those goals.