Workflow and Practice Management Solutions for Law firms

With our own business process outsourcing services, we provide on-line workflow and practice management solutions, especially for law firms.

We’re very familiar with the needs of law firms, so we’ll be able to understand your situation and provide the most suitable services for you. We’ll be responsive to any requests you may have and provide additional features or functions as well.

Our system automatically manages, monitors, and provides feedback for the workflow of the entire practice. The system will immediately inform of any potential problems or urgent situations that might occur.

We’ll help you stay focused on your core business and high-priority issues during your day-to-day work.

Legal Staffing and Recruiting Services

Our legal staffing service is supported by highly-skilled legal professionals for law firms and corporate legal departments in major North American and international markets. We have a pool of temporary legal project professionals in North America, including lawyers, JDs, paralegals and law clerks.

We can provide our staffing services according to your needs, whether they’re short-term, long-term, or any other contract-based, project-oriented requirements.

The services we provide are flexible and convenient, they can help you lower your personnel costs, and they’re able to cater to your specific needs. Excellent outcomes with efficient input that drives extraordinary results for your company.

Human Capital Management Software

Employees are human capital, so it’s critical to invest in them, take good care of them, and help them grow, which will in turn help your company reach its full potential.

We focus on the needs of your organization and we provide competencies in three categories: workforce acquisition, workforce management, and workforce optimization. Because of that, we’re able to provide the employees with a healthy and motivating working environment.

We manage competency, performance, compensation planning, time and expensing, learning, recruiting, and onboarding for our clients regarding their employees. We can provide the data on our clients’ employees to their hiring managers to assist in their decision-making.

It’s important to help find great employees and help them reach their best level of performance. This is imperative for our clients because the people in your business are the most crucial ingredient for success.

Our experienced human resources consultants have the requisite knowledge and experience to bring the right people into your organization.

We also provide excellent training, developing courses and strategies in order to help your employees grow beyond your expectations. We assist enterprises in improving the atmosphere of their workplace, which can help unlock your employees’ potential.

We have well-designed evaluation tools and systems to help you better know your employees, which helps prepare for conducting performance reviews. Those reviews will be much more effective and should help your employees continue to improve, and, by extension, bring more value to your enterprise.

Turnkey Office Solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions to our clients, including office, staffing, system integration, and legal compliance services.

We deal with all the processes regarding office setup including site selection, negotiation, space planning, construction coordination and complete installation.

With our own staffing and system integration services, we help our clients build a team to properly fit specific needs and expectations. The excellent infrastructure basis of our system integration services also helps us quickly assist our clients.

We also have an in-house legal team and are able to contract outside business firms to go through all of your legal and administrative processes, handling those tedious procedures legally and efficiently for you.

Delivering Value to Your Enterprise.

We bring together years of experience not only in software development and systems integration, but also in business understanding, enabling us to tailor solutions that reflect our customers' real world business requirements.


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