News Release

Advantages of Professional Talent Services

December 6, 2017

Recruiting, staffing, and hiring are processes that are the life-blood of any company. Growing and expanding, or simply replacing departed workers, are necessary aspects of doing business, but enterprises often must divert resources from their normal functions to handle those tasks. It’s usually much simpler to let an outside firm – like Hudson – handle that work; our experience and expertise in each step of the process help us find the best candidates for you.

The benefits of hiring a staffing service are extensive. Costs can be lowered through hiring an outside firm to perform the tedious man-hours of preliminary work that consist of wading through resumes, screening candidates, and conducting preliminary interviews. Staffing services can also handle functions like payroll management and benefit disbursement. Typically, a smaller firm would enjoy those particular services the most, as the cost of contracting out that work is usually lower than the cost of hiring full-time workers or forcing employees to take on an expanded workload.

Beyond just the hiring process, Hudson offers comprehensive human capital management: we’re able to assist with managing and evaluating your workforce as well. Our services are designed to maximize efficiency and help better quantify employee performance so management can receive detailed information for employee assessments and performance reviews. We can also help you train your employees with our proven methodologies.

Hudson focuses primarily on staffing in the legal field and in academia with people who have diverse scientific and technical backgrounds. Our legal staffing service can help you conduct hiring for short- or long-term positions or help you find workers for temporary projects in our pool of project professionals. We have plenty of experience finding prospective employees for our clients, so we’re able to assess the job requirements, company culture, and other various factors to provide the best potential fits for any position within the legal field.

We also find academics that have specialized skills and extensive experience in a given technical or scientific field and can help companies target the exact type of qualifications they need. Recruitment processes in that type of hiring need to be particularly precise; traditional job postings or advertising on online job boards probably won’t be sufficient in those cases. Oftentimes companies aren’t aware of the best strategies for finding these types of specialized workers who have reached the top of their professions, and Hudson can help fill in those blind spots so potential candidates don’t fall through the cracks.

While it might seem like trusting such important aspects of your business to an outside firm might be risky, rest assured that it is not the case. Hudson will work with you to determine your specific wants and needs, can handle individual parts of the process – or all of it – and will provide you with excellent results. Our experience in a wide variety of different services will prove invaluable as you seek to fill your company with the best possible people.