Software Developer

Job Description

  1. Design, develop, and modify applications software to meet customer requirements.
  2. Analyze client’s business needs; translate business needs into technical requirements;
  3. Develop software solutions.
  4. Design and develop conceptual, logical and physical enterprise architectures including databases, application areas, and technology overview.
  5. Design parallel computing frameworks and business process modeling with data mining.
  6. Design and review code written in different languages including Python, JavaScript, C, SQL, and MongoDB. Develop software specifications and technical definitions;
  7. Design and manage testing procedures.
  8. Integrate data analysis, text mining and other business analytics processes into software application framework to provide flexibility and scalability to customers.


  • Type: Full time
  • Time: 09:00~18:00
  • Vacation: Saturday and Sunday off
  • Vacancy: 1


  • Experience: 2 years experience as Software Developer, Text Mining Product Manager or Analyst required.
  • Degree: Bachelors degree or above
  • Major: Computer Science, Informatics, or related required.
  • Skill/Tool: Object-Oriented Programming, Database Systems Analysis, and Systems Design, Python, JavaScript, C, SQL, and MongoDB.

Please attach your university/college diploma and the transcript if you are a graduate; please attach the diploma and transcript of both your university/college and master’s degree.

Please provide your software design sample or projects for our reference with your application.

Recruiting Process


Explore our website and find out about our current recruitment.


Please mail your application to our office.


We will try to understand your career goals, skills, strengths, passion etc.


If you are successful in all the previous stages, you will receive an employment offer by our HR team.